Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to medium-sized businesses with peace-of-mind as to their accounting, payroll, and tax reporting needs. We understand the language of accounting and how it relates to filing and paying taxes. With us in the picture, our clients can stay focused on managing and growing their businesses. We also dedicate ourselves to providing honest, professional guidance to self-employed individuals and W2 filers seeking to have their personal taxes prepared by us.

Virtual Accounting & Tax is a CPA-owned and operated accounting practice that specializes in fast, friendly service.  We are skilled at providing clients with keen insight as to how to navigate the complex array of federal and state tax laws. We are qualified to prepare and file taxes for individuals and businesses in all states.

Virtual Accounting & Tax also provides services in Spanish.   Tambien ofrecemos servicios de reportes de impusetos en español para nuestro hispanohablantes

Based in Norfolk, VA, Virtual Accounting & Tax believes we can provide our services to clients located anywhere in the country. We have over 20 years’ experience with contractors, trades, retail sales, law practices, construction, government contractors, real estate agents, property managers, renters, auto sales, mechanics, small-scale manufacturing, entertainers, musicians, restaurants, catering services, landscaping, home owner associations, nursing care, and self-employed medical professionals. We also work with retirees, high-wealth individuals, trust and estates.