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Our mission is to provide accounting and tax services for self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to medium-sized businesses so that they have peace-of-mind as to their accounting, payroll, and tax reporting needs.  With us in the picture, clients can stay focused on managing and growing their businesses. We also dedicate ourselves to providing prompt, professional services for W2 filers.

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We have over 20 years’ experience working with self-employed individuals, personal service professionals, contractors, tradesmen, construction companies, landlords, service-based businesses, retail sales, restaurants, landscaping, and home owner associations.  We also work with military families, retirees, high-wealth individuals, trust and estates.

Latest Blog Posts

When to pay your Q4 estimated tax payment

It’s usually best to pay your fourth current year estimated quarterly tax payment before the end of the tax year.  These are usually due by mid-January of the subsequent year (Q4 2016 payment due by 1/15/2017).  It’s best to pay this before the end of the calendar year (2016 in this example) so that the tax agency doesn’t misapply it to the following tax year (2017 in this example).  Paying it late (after the mid-January due date or having the tax agency misapply it to the following tax year because they received it late) will mean you may, in fact, owe taxes for the current tax year (2016 in this example) after the taxing agency processes your 2016 tax return.  This happens from time to time, so make all your estimated tax payments within the same calendar year (before December 31st, 2016, in this example) and you should be fine.  As always, annotate the check as to the tax year for which the estimated payment is for.

Form 1065 filing deadline

The due date for 1065 partnership tax returns is now 03/15/17.

Charitable Contributions of Household Goods

Be sure to make an inventory list of any personalty you’re donating (to include purchase date, cost, description, condition)  so that you have an adequate record and can substantiate your itemized deduction.